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Hey there! I’m Piper Jones, the head producer here at Common Unity Media. I started this podcasting network with a very simple goal in mind: supporting the artistic work of my fellow creators.

For many artists, giving life to their ideas is a labor of love. Countless hours are put into writing, recording and editing quality shows, and I’m firmly of the belief that creators deserve to get paid for that work.

If you want to join me in playing glucose guardian* for the creators here on the network, I hope you’ll consider subscribing to our Patreon. Thank you for your support of our artists!

Piper Jones, (they/them)
Head producer of Common Unity

*That’s a
gender neutral “sugar daddy”

Thank you for your support!

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We’d like to give personal thanks to our all of our lovely patrons. It’s so fun to get to hang with you bunch on the Discord.
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Supporters: River, Skelotia, Salem, and Duckling.

Again, we would not be able to do what we do without you. Thank you.